The Order of Merit of Saint Angilbert

A Brief History

The Icon of Saint Angilbert

Source of the Order. The Order of Merit of Saint Angilbert is named after a relative of Godfrey de Bouillon, counselor, confidant, and friend of Charlemagne, Saint Angilbert was born c. 740 and died 814 A.D. He was raised at the Court of Charlemagne and studied under Alcuin. He married Charlemagne's daughter Bertha. He then turned to a religious life when his prayers for a successful resistance to a Danish invasion were answered when a storm scattered the Danish fleet. Bertha entered a convent and Angilbert became a monk, spending the last days of his life at Centula, of which he was Abbot and where he established a library.

Close Friend of Charlemagne. Saint Angilbert was a close friend of Charlemagne. He was Court Chaplain and Privy counselor. He undertook several diplomatic missions for the Emperor and was one of the executors of the Emperor's Will. Saint Angilbert was also an ancestor of the Count of Boulogne from which Godfrey de Bouillon was descendant.

Entry into the Order. This General Order of Merit may be conferred upon individuals who are not members of the Order of the Noble Companions of the Swan® or any other Order of Christian Chivalry and Knighthood and may be bestowed in one of four Ranks or Grades in descending seniority:

* Knight/Dame Grand Cross

* Knight/Dame Commander

* Knight/Dame Officer

* Knight/Dame Companion

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