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The College. The College of Arms of the Royal and Serene House of Alabona-Ostrogojsk© has functioned as the ultimate authority on all heraldic matters within the Royal House for many years; however, its permanent duties and responsibilities were firmly established and codified by charter through applicable provisions of the Constitution for the Government and Administration of the Royal and Serene House of Alabona-Ostrogojsk, as revised in 1990. The prerogatives of the Chief and Head of the Name and Arms of the Royal and Serene House of Alabona-Ostrogojsk, through the College of Arms and its officials, is deeply rooted in both International and Dynastic House Law as supported by the legal principles of jure sanguinis and motu proprio. As a permanent institution within the Royal Household, the College of Arms is completely autonomous of any national, international or supranational government, organization or agency, as well as from any religious denomination or other external entity.

Authority. As one may suspect, no heraldic authority enjoys complete and universal authority or acceptance, not even the much respected English College of Arms or the Spanish Chroniclers of Arms. However, Grants and Registrations of Arms issued by this College of Arms are legally recognized throughout the world by other similar institutions with which it is in communion.

Publications. In 1995, the College published it Roll of Arms of the Royal and Serene House of Alabona-Ostrogojsk Volume I and Volume II (1989-1994). This 104-page book has since received international recognition as a valuable heraldic reference and record.

Obtaining Arms. The College of Arms of the Royal and Serene House of Alabona-Ostrogojsk© has been, since its foundation, prepared to assist the individual wishing to either establish a permanent heraldic tradition or expand recognition of that tradition. The College of Arms is active in providing services to the Armiger. The College possesses reliable and economical sources for the procurement of various heraldic items including:

* Hand-embroidered jacket/coat pocket patches or badges.

* Heraldic banners.

* Personal seals.

* Signet rings.

Arms. The College always works closely with the individual to ensure an armorial achievement that is esthetically sound and conforms completely to the historic traditions, customs and laws of the Art and Science of Heraldry. In addition to the pertinent Letters Patent of Arms, the individual also receives:

* A black and white line illustration of the Arms for stationary use.

* A full-color rendition of the Arms.

* A heraldic description in the proper terminology.

Requesting Application Forms. Individuals interested in establishing a heraldic tradition for themselves and their heirs, or who wish to register their Arms previously granted by competent heraldic authority, are invited to request the appropriate petition from the College of Arms. The request can be made in writing to the Address given above, or the request may be made bia eMail. In both instances requests must include the individual's name and conventional mailing address. Requests submitted without this information will not receive a reply. Electronic inquiries/requests should be addressed to:

The College of Arms

Note. The College does not provide heraldic instruction, conduct heraldic research, nor does it answer heraldic questions.

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